Grace Brethren churches are related through fellowship, rather than a denominational structure. Each congregation is an autonomous organization and is free to make its own decisions and govern itself. By being part of the larger fellowship, the churches voluntarily choose to be accountable to one another and to work together in fulfilling the Great Commission.


The Grace Brethren Church of Millersburg is affiliated with the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, which includes more than 40,000 members in more than 300 churches nationwide.


The fellowship has its roots in Germany in 1708. It was there on the banks of the Eder River that Alexander Mack and a small group of Christians committed themselves to the Bible instead of the state Church. They determined they would adopt no human creed; such a creed would limit them in their search after truth in the Scriptures. Their motto, "The Bible, the Whole Bible, and Nothing But the Bible," has been the central standard of the Grace Brethren Church ever since.


The Grace Brethren Church of Millersburg dates back to a Bible class started in Holmes County by George Johnson, a missionary to Brazil from Wooster, Ohio in October of 1986. By January of 1987, public worship services had begun first at the PCA [now the Farm Credit Building in Millersburg]. Sunday School and A.M. worship later were held in the Millersburg Elementary lunchroom, while Wednesday evening prayer meetings met at the Millersburg Fire Department.

Charles Thornton, the first full-time pastor, began his ministry on August 30, 1987, challenging the congregation to ask God for a better place to meet. God promptly provided suitable accommodations, and on November 1, 1987, the first meeting of the Grace Brethren Church of Millersburg was held in the Calvary Building on Route 39 between Millersburg and Berlin.

In the spring of 1989, 13+ acres were purchased on TR 305, 1/3 mile behind the Millersburg Fire Department. On February 13, 1994, the church voted that the time had come to build a church building there; the Ground Breaking Service was held on May 1, 1994, and construction began within the month. July, 1995 was a joyful time as the first services were held in the new building.

In 1996 Pastor Thornton submitted his resignation. Roland R. Maust was called that same year to replace him. During his tenure as pastor he challenged the church to use it's church campus to launch out in ministry to the people in Millersburg, to Holmes County, to the State of Ohio, and to all the world.

In 2007 Pastor Maust turned in his resignation. After a long search process, in April of 2009 Doug Gray was called to be Millersburg Grace's fourth pastor. He has challenged the church to stay true to the Gospel and to seriously apply all the Truths found in God's Word. He has also stressed that everything done at Millersburg Grace be for God's glory alone.


Winona Lake, Indiana is the closest thing that we have to a headquarters for the Fellowship, but there are no official offices, nor any denominational officers. Winona Lake is home to our North American Missions and International Missions offices, as well as Grace Theological Seminary and Grace College. Some of the other organizations that serve the fellowship include Brethren Investment Foundation (investments), CE National (education), the National Institute for the Development of Ministries to Youth (training of youth leaders), and more.

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